Terms & conditions

Please do not make a purchase or use a gift voucher until you have read, understood, and accepted these terms and conditions.
General Information
iFLY Paris SAS (hereinafter iFLY Paris) is the provider of all the services presented on the site www.iflyfrance.com under the iFLY Paris headings.
When you buy an experience or use a gift voucher at iFLY Paris (or book/use a voucher provided by an external service provider) you agree to abide by these terms and conditions.
All participants in iFLY Paris activities are required to report to the Reception area prior to any flight no later than the time scheduled on their booking confirmation.
Before all flights, a Risk Statement must be duly completed and all participants must be informed of the safety instructions.

The practice of indoor skydiving is prohibited for the following persons:

  • People who have had a shoulder injury or dislocation
  • Pregnant women
  • Children under the age of 5
  • Minors under the age of 18 without permission signed by a parent or guardian
  • People under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • People wearing a plaster cast
  • People suffering from epilepsy
  • People over 115 kg in weight or 105 kg below 1m85
  • People who have a history of back, cervical or cardiac problems without a medical certificate expressly authorising practice of the activity
  • People for whom intensive physical activity is not recommended

The practitioner will have to sign the establishment's Risk Statement.
All indoor skydiving requires the use of safety equipment. This is mandatory and there are no exceptions.
iFLY Paris employs professional instructors approved by the International Bodyflight Association who hold Professional Qualification Certificates for indoor skydiving in a wind tunnel. They reserve the right to terminate a flight if they believe that the participant is in danger or endangering other participants or members of the public.
iFLY Paris has a non-discrimination policy and welcomes disabled participants. If one of the members of your group requires special precautions, you must inform us in advance before the day of your flight.
Please contact us in advance for any questions or concerns regarding the security or eligibility of participants.
Services and Fees
The rates available on www.iflyfrance.com the ones applied and are reviewed daily.

All rates and packages, promotional or otherwise, may be withdrawn or modified by iFLY Paris at any time.
Unless otherwise stated, the packages available on www.iflyfrance.com are provided for 1 person.
For example: Choose an experience 1 x Double-Duration Maiden Dive authorizes 1 person maximum to participate in 2 double-duration flights provided under this experience.
Derived products, photos, and videos

iFLY Paris may offer several optional features on the day of your experience, such as clothing, merchandise, photos, and videos.
Please note that although we strive to ensure optimal shooting conditions, we can not guarantee a perfect photo or video of each participant due to the movement inherent in skydiving and various framing restrictions. As with any shot, if the subject's movements are particularly unpredictable, it can be difficult to get a good picture every time.
Although it is extremely rare, our photo and video capturing systems (as with all technology) may present technical defects or failures. In the event of an equipment-related issue which prevents us from producing the aforementioned media, we will do our utmost to immediately inform our customers. When such media have been optionally prepaid, the corresponding refund shall not, in any case, exceed the value thereof.
Customer Service
iFLY Paris customer service can be reached using the information provided below:

  • info.Paris@iflyworld.com
  • +33 1 80 4994 00
  • iFLY Paris, Vill’Up (boite n°12), 30 Avenue Corentin Cariou, 75019 Paris

Other conditions and options on site

After your experience, iFLY Paris may also offer additional flights or a “Fly Up” (on-site only). These are subject to conditions of availability and feasibility. They are not guaranteed. Please note that these options are not part of the experiences and they are offered at an additional cost subject to specific pricing.
For any questions regarding these options, please contact our Customer Service before the day of your experience.
Booking confirmations
Booking confirmations for one hour of flight time on a specific date, as well as gift vouchers for a certain time slot are sent by email in the form of an e-ticket to the email address provided by the person making the reservation. These reservations or gift vouchers are valid for a specific site and only for that site.
Issuance of the booking confirmation is deemed contractually binding for the customer, who is therefore considered to have accepted the current General Terms and Conditions of Sale available on www.iflyfrance.com.
Please note that some email accounts may treat our confirmations as unwanted emails (SPAM).
iFLY Paris cannot be held responsible in the event of loss if our emails are blocked by filters or firewalls.
It is entirely the responsibility of the person making the reservation to guarantee that they (and all participants in their group) have read and understood the booking confirmation, these general terms and conditions of sale, and the e-ticket prior to their arrival at the wind tunnel. iFLY Paris cannot be held responsible for any person arriving to the site without being properly prepared for their flight experience (late check-in time, inappropriate clothing, state of health, etc.)
Gift vouchers
(a) Issuance
Standard iFLY Paris gift vouchers are sent electronically to the email address provided by the purchaser.
Please note that some email accounts may treat our confirmations as unwanted emails (SPAM).
iFLY Paris cannot be held responsible in the event of loss if our emails are blocked by filters or firewalls.
iFLY Paris may also issue paper gift vouchers on site or at certain events.
(b) Use of gift vouchers
All gift vouchers can be used online at www.iflyfrance.com.
Please make sure you have used your voucher before going to the site. The use of the gift voucher is finalized only upon receipt of an email confirmation from iFLY Paris and of the e-ticket.
Please also read the “Booking confirmations” section above for more information.
(c) Validity
Gift vouchers are issued with an expiry date and all flights must be made no later than that date. If your flight is not completed within this period, you will not be allowed to participate.
It is impossible to book a flight scheduled after said expiration date.
The experience must be enjoyed before the expiration date on the gift voucher.
You must bring your gift voucher(s) on the day of your flight, otherwise you will not be able to participate without additional costs.
iFLY Paris does not offer any extension of gift vouchers beyond their expiration date, and it reserves the right to refuse entry to participants without a valid physical gift voucher - refer also to point (e)
(d) Transferring to others
All gift vouchers are transferable to third parties in accordance with the "Gift Voucher Policy" defined herein.
(e) Presenting gift vouchers on the day of the flight
If you have made a reservation with a gift voucher, you must present a paper copy of the original gift voucher of a value corresponding to the experience booked on the day of your flight. If you have received an electronic gift voucher (from iFLY Paris, a company issuing gift vouchers, or by one of our partners), you must print it and present it on the day of your flight (black and white copies are accepted).
If you are unable to present a valid gift voucher on the day of your experience, you will be required to pay the full amount to cover the costs of the chosen experience.

This payment will be refunded upon presentation of a valid gift voucher sent by mail and accompanied by a "refund claim form", within 28 days of the date of the experience. 5% will be deducted from your refund in the form of a processing fee.
(f) Loss
iFLY Paris shall not be held responsible if you lose or misplace your voucher, nor if it has been stolen or lost due to identity theft. You are responsible for the confidentiality of your gift voucher.
(g) Recipients of gift vouchers
Purchasers of gift vouchers acknowledge that the recipients are capable of flying.

The recipients of gift vouchers must meet the conditions for practice described in the safety section (see above).
iFLY Paris can not be held responsible if a beneficiary does not meet the above criteria.
See point (d) Transfers and point (e) Exchanges above, if applicable. Also consult the “Refund Policy” on this page.
The iFLY Paris website is generally open all year round.
Reservations must be made as early as possible, especially during peak periods such as weekends, school holidays, and public holidays.
We advise you not to book accommodations or travel related to your iFLY Paris experience before receiving your booking confirmation by email mentioning a time, day, and a specific site.
Schedule and duration
The flight reservation schedule is for information purposes. We can not guarantee that your flight will start at the exact time mentioned on your booking confirmation. However, we strive to respect these schedules to the greatest extent possible.
You must make sure you arrive no later than the time indicated on your booking confirmation. An experience at iFLY Paris lasts at least 1 hour and 30 minutes. This figure is solely for informational purposes.

If you go to an iFLY Paris site with a group larger than 10 people, the time may vary.
Please contact us in advance for any questions or concerns regarding the duration of the experience and your time at the site.

The number of flights experienced will depend on the flight package purchased, but please be aware that each flight is typically about 60 seconds in length, often a bit longer, but never shorter than 50 seconds.

Delays and absences
Do not miss your flight. All seats on our flights are unassigned and we are not able to handle late arrivals.
Reservations are made for a specific day according to a fixed flight schedule which will be clearly communicated to you when you make book your flight. This information is also indicated in the confirmation email attached to your e-ticket.
Please consider your iFLY Paris flight as if you were travelling by plane or train. If you arrive late, we will not be able to postpone your flight. We run a site designed to manage pre-bookings, on-site bookings, repeat bookings, and bookings by confirmed flyers.
We are aware that this can lead to disappointment, so we ask that you arrive well in advance. The training and preparation session before your flight is long and important. Please arrive on site in advance and enjoy the premises to relax before your flight.
Try to anticipate any traffic or transport issues.
(a) First experience and regular participants
If you don't think you will be able to make your flight, you can notify us as follows: 

  • For standard bookings with 48 hours’ notice & more, you can postpone your flight. A fee from €15 to 25€ per experience & per person will be charged (according to our rescheduling option).
  • For standard bookings with less than 48 hours’ notice, your flight cannot be postponed.
  • If it is possible for us to postpone your flight within the 48 hours provided by the notice, a transfer fee of €25 per experience will be charged.

If you cannot take part in your flight and are unable to postpone it within the deadlines specified above, you may transfer your flight time to one of the people accompanying you.
However, please note that in the case of no-show (reservation not cancelled, customer not present), the amount paid during the booking will be retained in full by iFLY Paris and the service will be deemed purchased (see Booking Confirmation).
(b) Professional participants and skydivers
For reservations for professionals and skydivers, a minimum notice of 120 hours (5 days) must be given in order to postpone your flight.
If it is possible for us to postpone your flight within the 120 hours provided by the notice, fees will be charged regardless of the duration of the flight.
(c) Rescheduling option
When making a reservation, maiden dives may be rescheduled. This allows for unlimited rescheduling (at no extra charge) up to 48 hours before the flight date, so we strongly recommend this option.
Those have selected the rescheduling option may also postpone their flights with less than 48 hours' notice at a reduced price of €10/person instead of €20.
If the reservation is made using a gift voucher, please be sure to note the expiration of the voucher. The rescheduling option allows you to postpone your flight as long as the new schedule is within the valid period. Flights can not be postponed beyond the expiration date of a gift voucher.
Descriptions and images
All the descriptions appearing on our website and marketing materials are correct at the time when they are published. Descriptions can be updated during the year and the experiences may be modified.
iFLY Paris is not responsible for the descriptions and images of external sites and companies providing gift vouchers.
Refund policy
If you do not think you will be able to participate in your flight, you may give away gift vouchers or flights to another person. You are not required to inform iFLY Paris about the ownership before arriving at the site.
iFLY Paris will refund any variable-date gift voucher or any defective derivative products - minus any credit card surcharges - purchased online at www.iflyfrance.com upon a request made to our customer service within 14 days of the date of purchase. After this period of 14 days (from the original date of purchase), no refund will be made. Refunds are made to the source of payment used for the original purchase.
Reservations are not eligible for the retraction period mentioned above (pursuant to Order No. 2016-301 of 14 March 2016, Paragraph No. 12). No refunds for reservations will be granted.
Refunds are processed through our customer service department. As such, refunds will be processed within 10 business days. We can not issue any refunds on the spot.
iFLY Paris cannot issue any refunds for gift vouchers provided by third parties. In such cases, refunds are subject to the policies of the third parties in question and we advise you to contact them directly.
Cancellation by iFLY Paris
iFLY Paris reserves the right to cancel flights with very short notice. We assure you that this only occurs in the event of a breakdown, unplanned repairs, maintenance, or any other circumstance beyond our control.
If iFLY Paris cancels your reservation, it will be rescheduled to the next date that suits you and under the same conditions applicable to your reservation (at any time, during off-peak hours, or promotions) Failing a suitable arrangement, iFLY Paris will return to the customer the amount paid by his or her credit card for the cancelled reservation. 
iFLY Paris shall not reimburse any travel, accommodations, or other expenses related to the cancelled experience.
iFLY Paris holds a valid third-party liability insurance that can be consulted at any time. Please contact us in advance if you wish to consult it.
Premium accounts
Holders of premium accounts are subject to additional conditions regarding the use of their account. If you want to become a premium account holder, please read the terms and conditions for said status.
Personal belongings
Participants are required to ensure that they are in possession of all of their personal belongings after their experience. Although we provide lockers to ensure that your belongings are safe, iFLY Paris can not be held responsible for any losses at any of our sites, and no compensation will be provided.
iFLY Paris sets up an observation area at each site and spectators are welcome.

iFLY Paris reserves the right to ask spectators to leave the premises.
Derived products
All derived products are subject to the availability of equipment, premises, and the team. We can not guarantee that they will be available on the day of your experience. Products are offered at additional costs and are not included in the price of your experience. Product prices may vary throughout the year.
If it is not used for a flight experience, a valid cash voucher issued directly by iFLY Paris can be exchanged for products with a maximum value equal to the purchase value.
By participating in one of our experiences, you acknowledge that certain factors are not directly controllable by iFLY Paris and agree that neither iFLY Paris, nor any of the associated partners, can be held responsible if any of the equipment related to a product (cameras and recording systems) does not work at the time of your experience.